Looking At CBD For Muscle Recovery? Here’s What You Should Know

Rescue CBD oil for Muscle Recovery by Oreka

Cannabidiol is definitely standing in its own limelight in the recent years. While many of us might not instantly react to this scientific name, we do know that the latest buzzword is CBD. It’s everywhere! Nowadays, CBD is available in so many forms, for every possible need – from capsules to tinctures; oils and balms even. It’s made itself a forever home in the health and wellness space and we can see why. There are a lot of benefits, backed by scientific research, on how it has helped as an aid in the beauty industry, in terms of other health conditions, both physical and mental, and also, smaller areas like recovering faster from joint pains or pain relief from muscle pain and workouts because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Now, before we decide to take that leap into a tub full of CBD, here’s what you should know.

While working out, even the fittest of us have a knack of getting sore at times. While this might not be a common phenomenon, when it does occur, it has the potential to cause muscle damage, albeit in small doses. Working out on a specific muscle does essentially expose you to some type of stress. But then, this is where CBD comes in. Let’s go back to what CBD actually is, shall we?

What Is CBD?

CBD (in all of its various forms) has health benefits, where it has been used for physical and mental conditions. It is non-intoxicating and found in the cannabis sativa plant. It is obtained from industrial hemp, so it contains trace amounts of THC, but will not cause any sort of psychoactive effects. 

Now, CBD oil is made from leaves, flowers, and the stalk of the hemp plant-  the only part of the plant where you can find cannabidiol. CBD-based products are used as anti-inflammatory and analgesics i.e. products to ease pain, like pain relief creams. 

CBD is used in oils and creams, and is garnering popularity in the cosmetic industry, where it is used to treat skin conditions such as acne, and psoriasis, as it has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. 

One other thing to mention here is that when you exercise, your body does the necessary repair work when you sleep. While you’re sleeping, your body produces extra testosterone and insulin growth factors that are responsible for building muscle fibers. CBD helps improve sleep quality. This means that the better the sleep, the lesser the cortisol levels and more of the hormones that help with repair of muscles.

Cool, Now Is There Any Scientific Proof?

If you need to be convinced, there was a 2018 review of 132 original studies published in Frontiers In Neurology that states that CBD does reduce inflammation and help with the pain and mobility in patients that have multiple sclerosis.

While the study does mention cases of people who have used it, keep in mind that every body is different and enough empirical data isn’t there yet to conclude, without a question, that this is the final proof. Also, the best way forward is to discuss it with your doctor, to be on the safer side.

How Does One Use It?

CBD oil is fairly common and known, but apart from this, there are balms, lotions and more that you can use for relief.

At Oreka, we have formulated a natural therapeutic relief in the form of the Sports Recovery Oil, to help your body/muscles/joints recover post injury. Fortified with Cannabis leaf extract (includes CBD), our formulation can help reduce pain and increase comfort to improve your quality of life. Gently massage the affected area with the oil for a few minutes, and you’re all set to pick up any activity or challenge. 

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