Rescue and Replenish – The Two Lifestyle Partners You Need

Rescue and Replenish by Oreka - two CBD based products for your muscle recovery and skin health

In today’s turbulent and uncertain times, stress levels are higher than normal. You probably know what we mean, and yet everyone reading this could have different stressors in their life. As if a global pandemic wasn’t bad enough to worry about, several other factors are at play too. Being cooped up at home with family members you’re not used to spending more than a few hours a day with, dealing with the daily uncertainties of lockdowns, randomised workouts, and hampered work from home schedules are just some of the factors creating havoc in our lives. It’s natural that your body starts feeling the pressure and gives you signs that intervention might soon be necessary.

Dry skin crying out for help, muscles sore from the random workouts you manage to squeeze in during the week coupled with short sleeping hours which means lesser rest and poor recovery, and poor posture while working from home at workstations that aren’t very ergonomically friendly, have led to poor posture and pain in the upper back and neck of many working professionals.

So, what can you do to minimise the effects of a stressful lifestyle? We’re going to tell you why our RESCUE CBD Oil and REPLENISH FACIAL CBD Oil are two products that you absolutely need to have in your arsenal to improve your quality of life.

RESCUE CBD Oil is Oreka’s all-natural pain relief solution with the aim of enhancing the recovery process of sore muscles and joints in the body. With simple ingredients that pack a powerful punch (Cannabis Leaf extract, Cannabis Seed oil, Wild Mint oil & Camphor oil) the oil repairs and revitalises your joints and comes with strong pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. An extremely useful product, it enhances the quality of your life, ridding you of pains, aches, and stiffness, leaving you feeling recharged and well-rested.

3 Benefits of using RESCUE:

  • Faster recovery and repair of muscle tissues: Menthol has been shown to improve blood circulation to the applied area, speeding up the recovery process post intense workouts. This doesn’t necessarily mean applying it only when you have an injury to recover from, you can also apply it to sore muscles since training and exercise cause breakdown of the muscle tissue so that it can repair and grow stronger. Better circulation equals better recovery which in turn equals more growth!
  • Reduces Pain and Inflammation: Cannabis Leaf Extracts natural anti-inflammatory properties make it ideal for pain relief. This key ingredient also helps in treating spasms to help relax sore muscles, making this an ideal choice to feel recharged and fresh every morning, even if it’s after a heavy workout the previous day or a long day at the office!
  • Lubricates Joints: Joints can get stiff in the winters, or weary with general wear and tear. The Camphor oil in Rescue works well to lubricate the joints with its hot and cold action. 

REPLENISH DAILY FACIAL OIL is a must-have lifestyle product for everyone, no matter their age or nature of work. Made suitable for acne-prone & dry skin, our Daily Facial oil is the modern-day solution to help your high-paced & on the go lifestyle. Roads can get dusty, hours on the road can get long and all that stress from work and personal relationships usually finds its way to the surface through openings on your face that you dread – yes, acne. Breakouts are common, but not unavoidable. Our Daily Facial oil is created from an enriching blend of Cannabis Leaf extract, Cannabis Seed oil, Olive oil, and Nutmeg oil to give you the perfect hydrating solution for your face. Its vitamin-packed formula works wonders in reviving and soothing the skin against acne, dryness, and inflammation as a result of pollution and stress making it a great inclusion in your nighttime routines. Just add a small amount to your face after washing it and patting it dry and it’ll leave your skin feeling happy, hydrated, and glowing. 

3 Benefits of using REPLENISH:

  • Helps combat acne & inflammation: The Replenish Daily Facial Oil works wonders to give you clear skin. The Cannabis Leaf extract is the winning ingredient here, playing a key role in keeping acne at bay.
  • Maintains PH Balance: The Cannabis Seed oil has the perfect PH-balancing properties to ensure that your skin’s pH balance is maintained and it doesn’t get too oily.
  • Helps make Rashes and Scars disappear: The Replenish Daily Facial oil is rich in vitamins and minerals. It nourishes & moisturises your skin, leaving it smooth & supple. Olive oil acts as an excellent antioxidant and helps soothe skin rashes and minimise scars. 

For someone living a fast-paced time with little to no time being assigned to self-care, both are holistic and proven to be helpful starting points. When it comes to skincare and joint health, prevention is always better than the cure.


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